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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Owe You A Photo!

So I said I would post an updated photo when I'd lost 10 pounds. That actually happened a few weeks ago but I've been busy! Jay and I (forever after known as J+C) are rehabbing a house. It's a labor of love on an old Victorian that has been hogging the lion's share of both our time and attention recently. Some day I may buy it and love it forever. Until then, we are exchanging some of the rental costs with our sweat equity. That makes time for blogging (and eating well, working out, working, taking care of children, sleeping, bathing, etc) nearly non-existent.

As such, I'm a bit behind on an update.

Firstly- GAPs. It's harder than one would have thought. Initially I felt great! Then die off started so I began rotating every other day and eating carbs on my off days. When bacteria and yeast die they release toxins into your system and that makes you feel like poo. Feeling like poo plus rehabbing a house equals a lot of crankypants behavior. Crankypants behavior leads to a lot of trouble in paradise (aka: fighting.a.lot.) So, about a week in I decided that now is not a good time for me to try to stay GAPs compliant. Especially since I was having a hard time keeping my blood sugar stable. Instead, I've been on the "grab something quick from the grocery store" diet. Thankfully since I've been so active, the scale has been kind and I've only gained 2 pounds in the three weeks this hell, er, love story has been underway.

Today I weighed in the afternoon and the scale said 195.2 and that means I've officially lost 10 pounds and I owe you an image of where my body is right now. I took some snaps in the mirror at the gym so they aren't the most fantastic quality but as I tell my children:

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit

Here you have it ladies and... well, probably just ladies. I can't imagine I have many male readers except for the occasional peek by J and I think he's just checking to see what mean things I might be saying about him. ;)

First up is a front shot. I think I need to start wearing tighter pants so you can see my legs a little better. 

Next up I made you a little comparison in Photoshop so you can see the difference without having to dig for the last picture post. I'll probably do that every 10 pounds. 

Firstly, I notice that the places I've seen the biggest change in my clothing are the places I notice have dropped the most. Namely, my stomach and my boobs. I am wearing bras that were not in rotation when I was 206 and I have had to retire a couple that are now ridiculously huge on me. Also, while it's still sorta gross, my tummy has shrunk noticeably and indeed, my pants are fitting much better these days. I am also truly surprised at what a difference a 10 pounds loss or gain makes. 

The other thing I noticed? My hair is a hot mess after working out. :P

So my goal this month is to get back on a regular 4-day-a-week work out schedule after my kids start back to school next Monday and to watch more closely what's going in my mouth (which, again, will be easier when I'm not running back and forth incessantly between houses and juggling the back and forth of nine kids all day). I have a new commitment now that I'm healthy again and feeling like my normal self. July was rough. I've not lost as much weight as I had hoped at the 9 week mark- but I'm going to say that a 10 pound loss in 2 months isn't half bad. 




  1. I can see a change even with 10lbs wish I could do that lol.

  2. 10 pounds is a BIG difference girl. You're looking great. And... like me, you need to be posting more! Ha!