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Friday, June 8, 2012

Department of Weights and Measures

My fiance Jay and I have a joke. Jay works in the hardware department of Lowe's and he runs into many a character in his daily customer interactions. Once upon a time, a man came in who just could not accept that the nut he was being offered was, in fact, the size Jay proclaimed it to be. No matter what he said or did this gentleman just would.not.believe it was the correct size. Finally, in desperation, Jay told him that the bolts and nuts in his department were standardized by the US Department of Weights and Measures so he could be sure that the labeling on this particular nut was absolutely correct... and henceforth we've had a running joke about the Department of Weights and Measures. They do their job. And don't you forget it.

Welcome to my own little corner of W&M, which will be done (accurately!) on Monday of every week (weights) and the 5th day of every month (measures) to track my progress, give me inspiration, and let me know when it's time to kick it up a notch again.

6/5/12 - 204.4



7/3/12- 200.0

7/14/12- 199.0

7/20/12- 193.0

8/14/12- 195.2 *afternoon weigh-in

  •    bust-44"
  •    waist-39"
  •    hips-45"
  • bust-43"
  • waist-38"
  • hips-44.5"

  • bust-42.5"
  • waist-38.5"
  • hips-44"
  • bust-42.75"
  • waist- 37.5"
  • hips-43"

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