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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cheater Cheater, Fried Fish Eater

Before I dove into this new eating lifestyle, I planned an overnight camp-out at my parent's place. Just me and my love in a tent mostly made of screen in the woods on the side of the property they use as a home in their off months (they travel in their RV most of the year). The lightening bug show was five star.

They offered to take me and my sweetheart, Jay, out to eat at this awesome little spot call The Barefoot in Hardin, Illinois. I knew it was coming from the very beginning and I have been looking forward to and dreading it all week. Owned by a delightful family (grandson Evan was our waiter/bartender and super sweet/efficient as all hell), The Barefoot is the kind of place that never fails to satisfy. A small, family run, river town business, their hand breaded catfish is absolutely divine. I felt like we ordered half the menu. Catfish nugget sandwich, crinkle cut fries, crab rangoon, mini-tacos, and three glasses of iced tea to wash it down. I knew I was going whole hog on the pig out and I wanted to make it good. Can't waste the few and far between cheat days.

But While the totally tasty morsels of delicate, perfectly breaded-and-seasoned fish were as wonderful as always, I was barely done eating when my stomach loudly said "hell to the fucking no". It was immediate discomfort. Bloat. Ick. Thankfully it stopped there. I did not vomit or pay in other, less delicately described ways for my errant eating, but it was so very clear to me as it could not have been before: bread and carbs = total distress for my body. After a week of perfectly clean eating (okay okay, soy sauce aside) one meal of head first dive into soft, yummy white bread was all it took to remind me- this is how I will feel all the time if I go back. I don't wanna go back. I woke this morning feeling just fine and consumed eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, salad, and grilled chicken during my day. No carbs. Feels better. I never, never thought I'd want to avoid them this much. I mean, I suppose I always figured I could do it because I've got the determination of a rhinoceros (Wait... is a rhino 'determined'? Seems like they might be, to me.) but I figured I would feel deprived, sad I was missing out, always wanting a nibble of this or a night out to eat there. And perhaps I will occasionally take the plunge... but I can honestly say that I don't suppose I'll feel much in the way of what one might call deprivation.

It hurts too much to be good for me. 

No weigh in this morning because I was out of town. I'll give a number in the morning. I've been chugging water all day to try and beat the bloat that settled in this morning after consuming both alcohol and carbs in the same night. Erg.


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  1. Isn't it amazing how your body rejects the bad stuff once you're eating all good stuff? I did the same thing early on (and I still sometimes do it). I had a burger after three weeks of all raw veggie meals and almost hurled.