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Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh. Bread.

There is no doubt. Now that I've cut bread from my diet for three weeks, I just absolutely cannot eat it. If I do (and I've tried more than once because, well, sometimes carb cravings just reach up and bitch slap a girl) I suffer. Horribly. Like, you'd think I'd have gotten it the first 2 or 3 times I tried. But no.... Saturday night, after working on a shoot from 6:30-4 and then coming home and crashing hard for a four hour nap, I decided that since I'd eaten like shit for the entire day that I'd just go ahead and cap it off with some, wait for it!....... McDonald's. Big Mac and fries, baby. And a Dr. Pepper.

Now, I know this is a bad plan. I just didn't realize how bad.

I writhed. In pain. For an hour, before finally falling into restless slumber. Woke the next day still unable to eat because of the stomach pain. Bloating and gas soon followed. It's two days later and I'm still paying for that decision. My waist measurement is still up a half an inch! Bread has become my foe. It seems that I can tolerate a small amount of sugar per day. Dairy is still no problem for my digestion and I do treat myself to a bit of cream in my coffee and sometimes cheese on a salad. But bread. Bread is my enemy.

I'll be honest (I mean, really, this is all about accountability), I've had a rough week. I've been deviating from the plan more than is good. I've given myself permission to make bad choices too many times. I've been craving bad foods and leaving myself with few choices because of bad planning (and a hectic schedule). When I eat clean I feel better than when I don't. It's that simple.

Today I weighed in a day early. I did NOT weight last week. The numbers were on my mind too heavily. I needed to take a step back from the scale and just focus on working and eating well. I didn't do anything "in the gym" but I did take a long, tough hike up the bluffs and I swam twice. I was rewarded, McDonald's day aside (ugh), with a decent loss since my last weigh and a drastic decrease in one of my measurements. Check out weights and measures for more specifics.

A couple of side notes on other things I've noticed that are changing besides my weight in my next blog post. I'm out of town on business this week so eating right is sure to be a challenge.



  1. This is pretty much the exact same conclusion I've come to, except for me it's dairy and eggs. I can actually tolerate gluten much better, now that I've taken the other two things out of the equation, but I still avoid when I can. But the suffering that results from eating the no-no foods..I've learned it's totally not worth it, no matter how good it tastes at the time. Tough lesson, but I'm guessing you'll never make this mistake again. ;) I'm totally impressed by your efforts thus far! Great work!

  2. Oh yeah Michelle, I am still, STILL, dealing with lingering digestive discomfort this evening. It's misery!

    And, thanks! :)

  3. I have no idea what kind of phone you have, but if it is one that uses apps, when you are out of town a good one is Paleo Go-Go - it gives the paleo options from various restaurants, including fast food options that you can modify and how to modify them. It has helped me stay on track with eating healthy while I am out and about.

    Your progress and success is simply awe inspiring, by the way - good for you for all of your hard work. This kind of thing isn't easy but you are doing great!

  4. Jay that's fantastic!!! I had no idea there was an app for that (which is ridiculous as there is an app for everything....)

    You may have just saved my life. The road trip was atrocious.

  5. I think our digestive systems are the best litmus test for weather or not a food is helpful or harmful to us. Unfortunately, most Americans are desensitized to their digestive feelings because they've been eating so poorly for so long. When I eat low quality meat, or heavy dairy or lots of refined flour I feel terrible.

    I love the Paleo Go-Go ap suggestion... I'm off to check it out!