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Friday, June 15, 2012

That Scale is a Tricky Bitch

I had pretty much convinced myself on Tuesday morning that while I felt smaller and my mother commented to me after seeing my "before" pics on Monday afternoon that I had clearly already lost weight, the number on the scale at the Weekly Weigh-in wasn't going to be any different. And why should there be change? I've been working out and dieting for three months hard core and the scale hadn't budged. Actually, when it did move it went UP! I've been pinging back and forth between 203 and 206.5 since just after Christmas. I tried a juice fast (which gave me terrible headaches), I tried a low calorie diet (1200 a day, baby), I tried running and swimming 5 days a week. Nothing made any difference at all. I went to my doctor and she told me I was exhausted from having nine kids and my metabolism was probably just slowing down. I have been beyond frustrated by my lack of answers to why I can so easily gain weight but not lose it no matter how hard I try.

So on Tuesday morning, I posted my lament to Facebook and then dragged my ass into the gym to weigh. I don't keep a scale at home anymore. Two reasons: 1) My children can't stay off of it and have broken two and 2) I become obsessive and will weigh myself several times a day and make myself crazy. So. I weigh at the gym, on the same digital scale, every week on the same day around the same time of day. I walked up to it like I was being marched to the guillotine. I actually stood there for several minutes, eyeing it up and sort of working up my nerve. One full week of eating Paleo and working out so hard there have been times that just sitting down hurts. I had convinced myself it was going to say 204.4 again and I was going to come unglued right there in the Women's Center next to the treadmill. I sucked it up, pressed the ON button and stepped onto the scale....


That's right.

5 pounds lost. Five pounds. I was nearly hysterical in my delight and relief. Relief because it proved to me that I am doing the right thing. PROOF! The number reinforces my commitment but also my firm belief that this is thyroid related and eating to support my thyroid is the best way to care for my body. I would be surprised if, three days later, I've not shed another 2-3 pounds. I feel like I have. I feel good, too. So much better than I have been feeling the past five months or so. And just to reiterate what the scale said and to double check that this wasn't water or something like that, I did remeasure and have lost a full inch from my bust and waist and a half inch from my hips. Sweet, sweet victory over that damn scale.

I realize there will likely be plateaus in my future. I'm not worried about it. I know now that this is the answer to my quandary. As my friend Sarah stated on my Facebook thread-

"Never see 200 again!"

Until next time-


  1. Isn't it thrilling to find something that works for you? Congrats on your first of many happy weigh-ins. There will be weeks when the scale doesn't budge... but sometimes the hard work pays off big time. XO